Why the Rural Entrepreneurs?

Even as urban and suburban populations around the world continue to grow, you’ll always find people who crave the country life. Some of us are aching to connect, or reconnect, specifically with the land, through agricultural endeavors, but many others are simply seeking the sort of peace only available to those for whom a visit to the nearest neighbor is measured in miles instead of feet.

Regardless of the scenario which led you away from urban life, if you’re here, it’s likely you’re interested in finding ways to either supplement your income, or earn your income entirely from your rural home, or the land, or any combination thereof. The intention of my work here is to help you unearth new entrepreneurial ideas, and to help you nurture those you may already have planted in the back of your mind or deep in your heart.

When it comes to building small businesses, there’s a glut of information geared toward people living in metropolitan areas. The prevailing opinion appearing to be that if you don’t inherit hundreds of acres, or retire rich to start a hobby farm, then you’d better plan on spending your mornings and evenings commuting or give up your dream for a nice place in the suburbs.

If you can live with that, more power to you. If not… Then welcome! You are the one I’ve been waiting for. This is where you learn to bring life to your Bucolic Ambition.